Lenovo aide les clients à profiter au maximum de la révolution de l’intelligence avec son plus vaste portefeuille pour centre de données à ce jour

Lenovo aide les clients à profiter au maximum de la révolution de l’intelligence avec son plus vaste portefeuille pour centre de données à ce jour

Mardi 20 juin 2017 — S’appuyant sur son statut de numéro 1 en termes de satisfaction des clients et de fiabilité pour les serveurs x86, Lenovo (HKSE : 992) (ADR : LNVGY) a dévoilé aujourd’hui, à l’occasion de Lenovo Tech World Transform et d’ISC High Performance (ISC2017), son portefeuille de services pour les serveurs, le stockage, la connectivité, le logiciel et les centres de données le plus vaste et le plus complet à ce jour, de même que de nouvelles marques qui renforceront cette position en matière de satisfaction des clients : ThinkSystem et ThinkAgile.

Le portefeuille ThinkSystem entièrement renouvelé regroupe l’équipement de référence sous une marque et comprend les serveurs, les solutions de stockage et la connectivité. ThinkAgile est un tout nouveau portefeuille de solutions définies par logiciel sur la base de la plateforme Lenovo ThinkSystem : il s’adapte aux besoins IT changeants, tout en permettant de réduire la complexité et le coût des silos dans l'IT conventionnel. ThinkSystem et ThinkAgile permettent au client de déployer un centre de données paré pour le futur grâce à la simplicité, la flexibilité et la durabilité. 

Lenovo annonce également avec fierté la fourniture d’un des plus puissants systèmes au monde (et un des premiers sur la base des processeurs Intel® Xeon® Platinum) au Centre de calcul de Barcelone (Barcelona Supercomputing Center - BSC).

Le supercalculateur BSC MareNostrum 4 sera utilisé pour des tâches scientifiques et de recherche technologique. Il se compose de 48 racks comptant plus de 3.400 nœuds et est doté de processeurs Intel Xeon de nouvelle génération et d’une mémoire de 390 téraoctets. La capacité maximale du système atteindra 11 pétaflops, ce qui permettra au centre de tester et d’analyser les développements les plus récents dans le domaine du supercalcul.  

Disponibilité :

Les nouvelles solutions Lenovo ThinkSystem et ThinkAgile seront disponibles cet été.

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Lenovo Helps Customers Harness “Intelligence Revolution”
With the Launch of Largest Data Center Portfolio in its History

Unprecedented performance, reliability and quality transform businesses today

NEW YORK and FRANKFURT – June 20, 2017 – Today, at Tech World Transform and ISC High Performance (ISC2017), Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) unveiled an end-to-end data center portfolio that enables customers to harness the power of the “intelligence revolution” and create a strong technology foundation that supports transformative capabilities such as data analytics, high-performance computing, hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Building on Lenovo’s number one position in customer satisfaction¹ and server reliability for x86 servers², Lenovo introduced its largest, most comprehensive portfolio of server, storage, networking, software and data center services, as well as a new set of brands poised to take this leading position in customer satisfaction to even greater heights: ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile.

“Today’s announcements mark a significant day in the next phase of Lenovo’s commitment to advancing the data center customer experience,” said Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Data Center Group. “Our leadership in x86 server customer satisfaction and x86 server reliability, along with these new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile brands, and Lenovo’s new portfolio of data center solutions represent the most reliable, most agile, and highest performing data center solutions in the industry. We are confident we can empower our customers to solve their most challenging business problems and become digital disrupters in their own industries.”

Think Ahead: Lenovo Reimagines Future-Defined Data Centers

This year, Lenovo celebrates 25 years of proven Think quality, performance and reliability, and Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile data center solutions provide organizations with fluid resources that can adapt to the evolving needs of a business. According to a recent IDC survey of CIOs and technology leaders, 72 percent of respondents cited supporting digital transformation and business growth as the leading rationale in IT infrastructure decisions.³ In the past three years, hybrid cloud significantly matured, while software defined architectures and hyperconverged infrastructure have disrupted the status quo for IT infrastructure in larger businesses. To respond to these changes, customers face challenges including evolving their infrastructure strategies and considering how to best enable them now and for the future.

The new completely redesigned ThinkSystem portfolio, based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, brings the gold-standard for the industry under a single unified brand spanning servers, storage and networking systems. ThinkAgile is a completely new software-defined solutions portfolio built on the foundation of Lenovo ThinkSystem platforms: it adapts to changing IT needs while reducing complexity and cost created by silos in traditional IT. Even better together, the ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolios empower customers to create the foundation of a future-defined data center with:

  • Simplicity: Often, customers find the price for technological advancement and advanced IT capabilities is complexity and confusion. The new ThinkSystem portfolio of servers, storage and networking solutions allows customers to address these concerns by giving them the ability to streamline IT infrastructure; this leads to increased service levels of data center operations that tie directly to business growth. At the same time, we believe customers shouldn’t have to choose between certain technologies for fear of vendor lock-in or the inability to scale technology as workloads change. We engineered the ThinkSystem portfolio to work seamlessly with an organization’s previous investments, without the need to completely re-architect the data center. Customers can start fresh, without starting over. ThinkSystem combines the best of the Systemx from IBM heritage with the Lenovo ThinkServer franchise into a single solution built on a history of more than 150 worldwide record x86 server benchmarks: number one in customer satisfaction and number one in reliability.
  • Agility and Flexibility: In today’s competitive environment, customers must quickly use data-driven, actionable insights to refine applications and the customer experience will be paramount to today’s businesses as they strive to uncover new competitive advantages in an increasingly crowded market. With the Lenovo ThinkAgile portfolio, integrated solutions adapt to these changing IT and business needs by delivering the speed, simplified management and agility of cloud services while retaining the much-valued control and governance of on-premises IT. Its pre-integrated, pre-built and pre-tested offerings deliver robust new capabilities to customers’ data center, including automated lifecycle management, decreased TCO and reduced need for IT resources to maintain the platform. These solutions include the ThinkAgile SX series for Microsoft Azure Stack, as well as the ThinkAgile SX rack level solutions that integrate networking with hyperconverged offerings for a seamless customer experience. And because Lenovo is not encumbered by legacy network and storage solutions, customers have the confidence that they can move full-speed ahead on software-defined, while seamlessly integrating with their legacy investments.
  • Future-Proofed Preparation: With the pace of technology innovation continuing to accelerate, customers will increasingly require the flexibility to adjust to changes and ensure the infrastructure they implement today stays relevant for their future needs. We designed the ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions, such as the ThinkSystem SD530 high-performance computing offering to support workloads spanning large data analytics applications to high performance computing, artificial intelligence and the largest hyperscale environments.

Lenovo is committed to delivering transformational experiences for both its customers and the industry and is pleased to announce the delivery of one of the most powerful systems – among the first in the world based on Intel Xeon Platinum processor family – to Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). The BSC MareNostrum 4 supercomputer, tasked with jobs in science and engineering research, incorporates 48 racks with more than 3,400 nodes with next generation Intel Xeon processors and a central memory of 390 Terabytes. Its peak power will be over 11 Petaflop/s, allowing the center to test and analyze the performance of the most recent developments in the field of supercomputing.

“The newly launched x86 ThinkSystem platform provides us with ten times more processing power than the previous MareNostrum supercomputer, allowing BSC to continue the type of scientific research that enhances humanity's efforts to seek new knowledge and drive progress. Our experience with Lenovo has been easy and tightly integrated to overcome our challenges and achieve success, and we look forward to future collaboration," said Sergi Girona, Operations Director, BSC.

Additional Quotes:

“We have a rich history of collaboration and transformative innovation with Lenovo,” said Lisa Spelman, Vice President and General Manager of Intel Xeon Products at Intel. “The introduction of Lenovo’s new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolios, designed for Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors, is a natural extension of our longstanding commitment to providing customers with reliable, industry-leading data center solutions that will support customers as they look to capitalize on next-generation workloads like artificial intelligence and deliver world class service capability on-premises and in the cloud.”


The new portfolio of Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions will be available Summer 2017.

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For more information on news announced at Tech World Transform, please visit www.news.lenovo.com/TRANSFORM2017 or follow @Lenovo for live updates on June 20, 2017, using #LenovoTRANSFORM.

More information about Lenovo’s ongoing work with Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is available here.

1 2H16 Corporate IT Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction Study, TBR; December 2016.

2 2016-2017 Global Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report, ITIC; October 2016.

3 IDC, Digital Transformation: Impact on the Datacenter — Are You Ready?, Doc # DR2017_T4_LD