Lenovo s’étend dans le domaine du centre de données défini par logiciel avec la solution de stockage DSS-G

Lenovo s’étend dans le domaine du centre de données défini par logiciel avec la solution de stockage DSS-G

Mardi 25 avril 2017 — Lenovo (HKSE : 992) annonce la « Lenovo Distributed Storage Solution » à l’occasion de son Accelerate Partner Forum annuel. Il s'agit d’une solution de stockage évolutive et définie par logiciel pour IBM Spectrum Scale (DSS-G). La solution Lenovo DSS-G est conçue pour prendre en charge le stockage évolutif de fichiers et d’objets et convient parfaitement aux environnements de haute performance et intensifs en données. Elle permet aux clients de maîtriser la croissance exponentielle des données et de faire face au besoin qui en résulte de sauvegarder de grandes quantités de données structurées et non structurées.

Cette annonce est un premier pas dans la concrétisation de l’implication de Lenovo dans le domaine de l’informatique à haute performance (HPC) et de l’intelligence artificielle afin d’apporter les avantages du Software Defined Storage (SDS) aux clusters HPC. D'autres offres complémentaires pour les clients qui implémentent Ceph ou Luster suivront. 

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UK Press Release

Lenovo Drives Further into Software Defined Data Center with DSS-G Storage Solution

  • Lowers total cost of ownership, enables more efficient use of storage resources for data-intensive workloads

Lenovo (HKSE: 992) today announced, at its annual Accelerate Partner Forum, the Lenovo Distributed Storage Solution for IBM Spectrum Scale (DSS-G)— a scalable software-defined storage (SDS) solution. Designed to support dense scalable file and object storage suitable for high-performance and data-intensive environments, the Lenovo DSS-G enables customers to manage the exponential rate of data growth and the subsequent need to store large amounts of both structured and unstructured data.

Today, deploying storage solutions for HPC, Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics and cloud environments, key technology trends that are dramatically reshaping the data center, places a significant burden on IT resources1. DSS-G is Lenovo’s latest offering intended to accelerate adoption of software-defined data center technology, which provides customers with key benefits such as greater infrastructure simplicity, enhanced performance and lower total cost of ownership.

This announcement is a first step in executing Lenovo’s HPC and AI commitment of bringing the benefits of Software Defined Storage (SDS) to HPC clusters, and will follow with additional offerings for customers deploying Ceph or Luster.

Built on Lenovo’s System x3650 M5 server with powerful Intel® Xeon® processors, renowned for its industry-leading reliability and performance, the Lenovo DSS-G is available as a pre-integrated, easy-to-deploy rack-level offering. Featuring the Lenovo D1224 and D3284 12Gbps SAS storage enclosures and drives as well as software and networking components – including Red Hat Enterprise Linux support – the new offering allows for a wide choice of technology within an integrated solution.

As a follow-on to the successful GPFS Storage Server (GSS), the Lenovo DSS-G delivers on the needs of today’s agile and digital businesses. New features include:

  • Easy Scalability: Start small and easily grow performance / capacity via a modular approach

  • Innovative RAID: With IBM Spectrum Scale Declustered RAID, reduce rebuild overhead by up to 8X

  • Choice of High-speed network: Including Infiniband or Ethernet up to 100Gbps

The new Lenovo DSS-G offering is fulfilled by Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure (LeSI). LeSi leverages decades of engineering experience and leadership to reduce the complexity of deployment and delivers an integrated and fully-supported solution that matches best-in-industry components with optimized solution design. This enables maximum system availability and rapid root-cause problem detection throughout the life of the system.

Collectively, these features empower customers running data intensive HPC, big data or cloud workloads to focus their efforts on maximizing business value and reclaim valuable resources previously spent on designing, optimizing, and installing and supporting the infrastructure required to meet business demands.

In addition, Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that supports the full lifecycle of the Lenovo DSS-G and all Lenovo IT assets.  Expert professionals can assist with complex deployments as well as provide 24x7 monitoring and technical systems management with managed services. Available benefits also include a single point-of-contact for solution-level support

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Lenovo Quote (Madhu Matta, VP & GM, High Performance Computing and A.I.)

“The Lenovo HPC solutions are part of research projects focused on solving humanity’s most complex challenges. One in every five supercomputers in the world is built on Lenovo HPC offerings and we are proud to count major research universities among our partners. The Lenovo DSS-G offering enhances that capability. Clients can now deploy a software defined storage solution that enhances performance, scalability and capability of the HPC environment.”