Motorola komt met uitgebreide update voor de Camera App

Motorola komt met uitgebreide update voor de Camera App

Donderdag 28 juni 2018 — Motorola lanceert de nieuwe versie van haar camera-app, de Moto Camera 2. De update bestaat uit een tal van nieuwe features, waaronder Goolge Lens en YouTube Live. De gratis update kan worden gedownload vanuit de Google Play Store en is compatibel met moto z3 play, moto z2 force edition, moto x4, moto g6, moto g6 plus en moto g5s plus. Deze update biedt een geoptimaliseerde en gebruikersvriendelijke interface met tal van nieuwe functies voor alle Motorola-apparaten die zijn uitgerust met een dual camera.

"Motorola hecht veel waarde aan voortdurende innovatie en klanttevredenheid, zowel voor bestaande als toekomstige klanten", aldus Ruben Weenink – General Manager Motorola Benelux. "Met de update naar Moto Camera 2 hebben onze klanten nu nog meer mogelijkheden om hun creativiteit de vrije loop te laten en kostbare momenten vast te leggen. Motorola's Dual Lens-serie biedt veel nieuwe functies zoals Ultra-Wide-Angle, Group Selfies en Google Lens, waardoor het gemakkelijker dan ooit is om informatie over de omgeving te krijgen.”

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Motorola Brings a Comprehensive Update of the Camera App

The new Moto Camera 2 adds new features including Google Lens and YouTube Live to many models in the Motorola smartphone portfolio.

Motorola has released the new version of its camera app, Moto Camera 2. The free update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is compatible with moto z3 play, moto z2 force edition, moto x4, moto g6, moto g6 plus and moto g5s plus. This update extends the functionality and brings new features to all Motorola devices that are equipped with a dual camera system.

"Motorola places great value on continuous innovation and customer satisfaction, both for existing and future customers," says Ruben Weenink, General Manager Motorola Benelux "With the update to Moto Camera 2, our customers now have even more opportunities to let their creativity run free and to capture and shape their most precious moments. Motorola's entire Dual Lens lineup receives many new features like Ultra-Wide-Angle, Group Selfies and Google Lens update, which makes it easier than ever to get information about your surroundings - for example, point the camera at a plant and you immediately know which kind is in front of you".

This update also brings an optimized and user-friendly interface with numerous new functions and gestures. These include combined front and rear camera settings UI, zooming by moving a single finger up/down, focus and exposure by dragging, and a simplified way to exit applied camera modes.

Below is an overview of the new Moto Camera 2 features:

Cinemagraph mode

Capture the motion around you to give photos more life. Freeze a moment in a video while keeping part of the shot animated, for a unique combination of video and photo. (moto z3 play only)

Portrait mode

Enhance a subject in portrait mode by adding a beautiful blur effect in the background. Available on both the rear and front cameras. (front portrait: moto z3 play only) For the rear camera, go a step further post-capture with the Portrait Editor, where you can adjust the focus from the foreground to background, or select a depth layer to turn to black and white while keeping the rest of the photo in color.

Spot color mode

With spot color, choose a single color to keep and turn the rest of the photo black & white for a distinctive look.

Cutout mode

Use cutout mode to snap a picture and have some fun replacing the background with anything in your Google Photos library, so the subject’s scene appears to change.

YouTube Live mode

Stream directly from the camera app to YouTube Live with this new camera mode.

Other modes: You can also add fun Face Filters (Face Filters: moto z3 play, g6 plus, g6, x4 only) to photos or videos, take 360 panoramas, and create slow motion or timelapse videos (timelapse: moto z3 play, g6 plus, g6 only). The ultra-wide angle Group Selfie mode fits all your friends into the frame. Real-time control over your camera settings with Manual Mode gets you the best results based on the conditions around you. Easily adjust focal length, white balance, shutter speed, ISO, and exposure with easy-to-use slider bars.

Search what you see with Google Lens

Point your camera to learn more, take action, and interact with the world around you. With Google Lens, you can copy and paste text, find products online, learn about landmarks, add events to your calendar, look up movie posters, and identify popular plants and animals, and more1)

1)Google Lens is not available in all languages.

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